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Modifications to Child Support

During a divorce, the livelihood and wellbeing of any children is supposed to be protected as much as possible. Kansas divorce court judges are even encouraged to rule in favor of whatever decision will best benefit the child, not necessarily the parents. To this end, child support agreements will be created to help the parent who wins primary physical custody of the child pay for necessary expenses related to raising a child.

Most child support orders created by the court will state that the amount must be paid monthly until the child is no longer a dependent. This can be years and years of money coming out of your monthly income for your ex-spouse. Is this always going to be the case? Or can child support orders be modified?

With Good Reason, Things May Change

Child support agreements may be modified but it is not a simple process by any means. It is not even a process that you can necessarily begin, as you must have valid reason for wanting the modification in the first place.

In the situation that you are the one paying child support, you may request a change due to:

  • Your ex-spouse remarrying.
  • Debilitating illness or injury accompanied by high medical expenses.
  • Unexpected job loss.
  • Temporary modification due to short-term emergency.
  • Abrupt and significant drop in income.

If any of the aforementioned circumstances have happened recently in your life, you may be eligible for requesting a modification to your child support order. In many ways, the same scenarios are also applicable if you are the one receiving child support. It all boils down to the details of your case, what is going on in your life, and what is going on in your ex’s life. Marriage is a two-way street, even after it has come to an end through divorce.

If you need help figuring out what you can do about child support payments, you can come to Coffman & Campbell, LLC. Our Osage and Coffey County attorneys can help you either petition for more child support if you are struggling to make ends meet while raising your child, or for less if you feel you are draining what little finances you may have. Call 620.717.4316 today for more information.

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